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How to remove a ink security tag on a article of clothing

If your reading this, then I assuming that you have had the most frustrating thing happen to you after procuring some new articles of clothing. It happens to all of us, we get some great sales going at a store, purchase many different items, but when you get home you start folding the new clothes taking the price tags off as carefully as you can, then you get to the final piece, and BOOM there it is the worst possible outcome after a great day of shopping – The INK security tag was left on one of your favorite garments. Now the first thing that comes to mind is, driving all the way back to the store just to get the tag removed, what a waste of time especially if the store is more then twenty minutes away. Here is how to remove the tag :

Materials you will need –

1. One clamp

2. One Plyer

3. The article of clothing

Step by step –

1. Take the garment and place in your hand

2. Put the clamp on one end of the tag – preferably the long end

3. Place the plyer on the short end of the tag

4. Push downwards with intense force

5. The tag should fall of in a matter of seconds

Safety notes – These ink security tags are VERY dangerous for the garment and most importantly you, so take pro caution and put on some working gloves – just incase anything goes wrong with the ink dispensers on the inside of the tag.


Dislocated knee-cap at a young age – knee gives out

Now this story is quite peculiar considering I’m only fourteen, but it happened and its a must share – – – –

10:24am : I change into my gym clothes, the daily routine and step out into the one class I did not severely dislike, P.E. – every day we go outside our school and run around, possibly the longest block i have ever stepped foot on, which takes the fastest runner in our school four minutes to go around – considering he can run a 6:17 mile, thats a pretty damn big block, almost 3/4 of a mile in one lap? Yes, believe me we do it twice a day, everyday – Rain, Sleet, Shine, Snow, you get it.
10:30am : We open the doors to the nature… of a nasty parking lot that spells horrific unless you can withstand stench of a dying skunk, and the constant trash being poured out of the cafeteria, your good! We start our lap around the block – around one half of the way through, my knee starts to give out, what? How is that humanly possible in a fourteen year old, perfectly healthy, in good state, young man? well this isn’t the first time.
Its the middle of april in my sixth and last year at elementary school, I had just picked up the hobby of skateboarding because my best , the person I idolized friend had started skating a few months back as well – so I thought I would be cool in his eyes if I did the same, so I did! Of course since I wasn’t to good at skateboarding, it was hard for me to keep my balance, so I fall and dislocate my knee cap to the point where its on the inside of my knee , now how the hell does a 62 pound little boy take this pain so well? He doesn’t, I call around twenty yards back to my house, and go inside – I popped that knee cap all by myself.
Back to the actual story, I stop and think to myself, ” *Anonymous* keep going , keep going, ten more steps and Im on the ground and a wheel chair from the nurses office is wheeling me back to the office and Im home within the hour, with the pro caution of having to go to the doctor to make sure everything was, alright, and here I am it is 8:39pm and my knee hurts intensively – Goodnight!
– Anonymous Blogger